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In-App Payments for Android with Tap2Pay

Text2Pay, a leader in online payments using the mobile phone proudly presents Tap2Pay™, a state of the art in-app payment solution for mobile devices! Text2Pay enables developers to integrate the Tap2Pay payment widget into their application with a simple API and Java library.

In-App Subscriptions

How it works?

In-App Payments
  1. User taps on the subscribe, purchase or unlock button of your app to activate the Tap2Pay payment library.
  2. The Tap2Pay language, currency & localization module is displayed enabling the user to confirm their transaction.
  3. User taps "Continue" to confirm their transaction.
  4. The transaction is confirmed and requested services are provided to the user.


  • Why Tap2Pay?
    Tap2Pay offers all the benefits of Text2Pay including a white labelled solution with coverage in over 70 countries and competitive revenue share rates.
    No egos here!
  • Easy & Seamless Integration
    Backed by mBill, a leading mobile billing company with over 10 years' experience in Premium SMS and mobile payments, the team at Text2Pay has recognized the need for Android and mobile application developers to easily and seamlessly integrate a payment solution into their application. In-app payments are made immediately available to consumers once Tap2Pay is integrated into the mobile developer's application.
    Android Payments
  • Fast & Secure Payment Solution
    Tap2Pay does not require credit cards details, user login or third-party registration. It is as simple as accepting the payment and having the purchase added to the user's phone bill. When the user chooses what to buy, the developer makes one simple call to start the transaction and the user confirms this with a single tap on their mobile phone.
  • Momentous Revenue Opportunity?
    Tap2Pay enables developers to charge their users for premium application features or virtual credits. This in-app payment solution offers developers a momentous revenue opportunity with the ability to monetize any mobile application in over 70 countries with a consumer reach of 95-100%.
  • Tap2Pay's Global Reach
    With 95-100% coverage in over 70 countries, the ability to process transactions in 60 currencies and localization support for 49 languages, there is no need for any additional development work. With offices in Australia and the United States, Text2Pay's global reach is robust and can accommodate for your mobile payment needs.
    70 covered countries and counting
  • Single Tap Purchasing
    Tap2Pay offers single tap purchasing through carrier billing, built-in support for one-off and subscription items along with virtual currency and virtual goods transactions.

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